Mediation will Change the Future of Family Law

Last week I had the privilege of mediating a divorce and child custody case between two truly remarkable people.  What makes them remarkable is that they decided to take the case out of the hands of their attorneys and return the power back to themselves.

In just a couple of hours they had collaboratively resolved everything that the lawyers had been fighting over for months.  They each save thousands in attorney fees and costs, however, it was evident that they were kicking themselves what they had previously spent prior to choosing mediation.

Mediation doesn’t work in every case, but at least it is an opportunity for the parties to come together with an un-biased mediator who can help them resolve their problems together.  With so much at risk like money, agitation and the children mediation is at least worth trying.

Mediation can bring peace to litigating families and peace is the by-product of resolution.

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